'Counting On' Derick Dillard starts Twitter war with transgender teen Jazz Jennings

 Jill Duggar Dillard is still recovering from the traumatic birth of her son, but her husband Derick Dillard has time to war with LGBT stars on Twitter. As fans worried over the "19 Kids and Counting" new mom, the new dad seemed more concerned about proving transgender people ungodly. The dad of two went after TLC star Jazz Jennings of "I Am Jazz" in a rant that many found homophobic. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dillard's health and their family situation continues to trouble fans.  'Counting On': Derick Dillard wars over transgender as Jill Duggar gives birth

Kesha claims Dr. Luke fat-shamed weight loss, raped her: producer claims slander

Singer Kesha (aka Ke$ha) leveled a barrage of charges at Dr. Luke and he counter-attacked. The "TikTok" singer accuses her producer of fat-shaming her weight loss plan. She also texted Lady GaGa claiming he'd drugged and raped her and another performer. Dr. Luke (the professional nickname of Lukasz Gottwald) is suing Kesha Sebert over "defaming" rape claims. Gottwald says the realy body-shamers are Kesha's family and handlers who micromanage her diet and bully her into weight loss.   Kesha claims Dr. Luke fat-shamed weight loss, raped her: producer claims slander

Prince William rocks weight loss, looks less Josh Duggar, more Princess Di, Prince Charles

 Prince William (the man who would be king) seems to have rocked big weight loss of late. Is he following auntie Fergie on the thin thing? Because he sure looks less Josh Duggar, and more Prince Charles and Princess Di. Shove over, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Princess Eugenie, and make room for this royal hottie Prince William.  Prince William rocks weight loss, looks less Josh Duggar, more Princess Di, Prince Charles

'Blackfish' orca dead at SeaWorld: 36-year captive 'killer whale' Tilikum is free at last

2017 takes up where 2016 left off in celebrity deaths. Just days into the new year, a celebrated face passed. But it's animal, not human. #Tilikum, the famed “#Blackfish” orca died at SeaWorld, still in captivity. After 36 years in captivity at the Orlando amusement park, the "killer whale" is free at last. The cause of death is still unknown, but linked to a bacterial infection and perhaps health problems from limited movement. Tilikum’s backstory framed the documentary “Blackfish” and moved the protest to get the captive orca released from the tiny cages they call home. 'Blackfish' orca dies at SeaWorld: 36-y/o captive 'killer whale' Tilikum is free at last

'World's Fattest Man' Paul Mason 700-lb weight loss: half-ton guy is 1/3 the man he was

It was a dubious honor at best. Paul Mason of Ipswich, England, once held the title of "World's Fattest Man." At his heaviest, Mason weighed nearly 70 stone or over 900 pounds. The nearly half-ton Brit shed over 700 pounds in one of the most remarkable transformations ever. There are bizarre plot twists in Mason's story, however. He blames Britain's National Health Service for letting him get so huge. In obesity he found love with an American Rebecca Mountain but lost love the more weight he shed. Odd or not, it's not an uncommon story as TLC's "My 600-lb Life" shows. Why the obesity blaming and responsibility shifting, and what's up with partners splitting after extreme weight loss?   'World's Fattest Man' Paul Mason 700-lb weight loss: half-ton man 1/3 the man he was

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie divorce caused by child abuse? It's sure not about Pitt's 'affair,' Marion Cotillard pregnancy

What drove Angelia Jolie to file for divorce from #Brad Pitt isn't clear yet. It wasn't his affair with nor pregnancy of Marion Cotillard, she says. What is clear is that Brad is being investigated on child abuse allegations in the wake of wife Jolie seeking divorce and custody of their six children. There were rumors that the Brangelina split was fueled by a hookup between Brad and "Allied" co-star Cotillard. When Cotillard announced she was pregnant and due in December, folks did the math and found that she would have conceived in March when she and Pitt were working together. Cotillard decried the Pitt liaison rumors and assured everyone that her baby was fathered by her long-time partner Guillaume Canet.    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie divorce isn't about Pitt's 'affair,' Marion Cotillard pregnancy

Donald Trumps says Lol about telling Russia to hack Clinton email

Donald Trump was just kidding, lol, when he told Russia they'd get a reward for hacking his opponent Hillary Clinton's email. Facepalm, what will the bombastic Republican presidential hopeful do next?? Well, the GOP ain't laughing. Clinton sure ain't laughing. And the word on Capital Hill is national security might call it treason. But he was just joking, so it's okay? <insert sarcasm>  which Trump clearly forgot to do! Oy, read on for more Trump fails. Donald Trumps offers Russia reward to hack Clinton email